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Chemical additives for the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry.



Product Line:


Cesco CG (Coupled Gilsonite) is a pre-treated gilsonite with optimized particle size distribution.  Cesco CG readily disperses into water base drilling fluids with no additional surfactant applications.  It effectively stabilizes water sensitive shale formations and reduces high temperature filtration.  In many applications, torque reduction will be noticed due to its extreme pressure lubricity.  Cesco CG is available for both normal temperature and high temperature applications.


Cesco Coupler is a concentrated water-based blend of wetting agents designed to water-wet hydrophobic gilsonite and asphalts typically used in water base drilling fluids.  Cesco Coupler allows these materials to completely water wet resulting in a more homogeneous drilling fluid.

  • Improved Lubrication
  • Thinner Filter Cakes
  • Shale Stabilization
  • Lower Fluid Losses

Applicable to both fresh and salt water.


We also blend products for other brands.



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